Into the postseason

There are two playoff spots left in the National League (the West & the Wild Card).

Of the six teams already in the 2010 MLB playoffs, four have players with some experience playing for the Timber Rattlers (or the Foxes).

New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez (Foxes, ’94)
Minnesota Twins: Brian Fuentes (’97)
Tampa Bay Rays: Rafael Soriano (’00)
Philadelphia Phillies: Raul Ibanez (Foxes, ’94) & Greg Dobbs (’02)

The Cincinnati Reds and the Texas Rangers have no ex-Rattlers players on the roster.

Of the three National League teams still alive for the postseason (Atlanta, San Francisco, & San Diego), only Atlanta Braves (with Eric O’Flaherty…and Menasha native Erik Hinske) has an ex-Rattler on their roster.

Speaking of Hinske, check out this post at Big League Stew on Hinske and his big hit for the Braves last night and for his propensity in appearing in the World Series and for a very accurate Back to the Future II reference.

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