A friend steps down

I have known John Rodgers since I first came into the Midwest League in 2000.  John had been with the Cedar Rapids Kernels as their Radio Announcer since 1996.

Yesterday, John stepped aside to move on to the next chapter of his life.

Arguably the most colorful play-by-play announcer in professional
baseball is leaving the Cedar Rapids Kernels broadcast booth. John
Rodgers, the dean of Midwest League announcers, is calling it quits
after 15 years with the Kernels.

“John is the most likeable, entertaining, and sincere individual you’ll
ever meet” said Jack Roeder, the retiring General Manager of the
Kernels. Roeder said that, “when it comes to John’s broadcast style, it
is truly unique, entertaining, and memorable. There will never be
another John Rodgers”.

Jack has that right.  When I first met John – being the cynical and bitter person that I am – the thought going through my head was, No one is this nice.  No. One.

Now, I don’t admit mistakes very often, but in this case I will.  John is that nice and that positive and that upbeat and…Well, if you’ve ever heard me interview John on the radio, you’ll have an idea of what I speak.  The person that he is on the air is the same person as he is off the air. He hasn’t changed in the 11 seasons that we have crossed paths.

The Kernels beat writer for the paper in Cedar Rapids got in touch with me yesterday and wanted a couple of quotes.  I provided them with stories and a few quotes.  I’ll have a link over on my twitter feed when it is available online.

For now, I wish John well and tell him to get some rest. He has earned it.

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