Topic: Jeremy Jeffress

Interesting stuff on twitter over the weekend about Jeremy Jeffress.

First there was this from ESPN Insider Jason Grey, who was at the Surprise game on Saturday night.

Jeremy Jeffress hitting an easy 98 tonight with lots of 96 and 97

That would be 98, 97, and 96mph.  Then, there was this from Keith Law in response to a question from one of his followers:

I think he’s a reliever. RT @NateHuiras: @keithlaw Think Jeffress can make it as a starter?

Lastly, Jim Breen of Bernie’s Crew chimed in with this thought.

Law opined that Jeremy Jeffress will be a RP in future. Absolutely
true. Still think he should start ’11 as a SP in Triple-A

I agree with Jim on this one.  Jeffress should get a chance to prove himself as a starter.


I could see Jeffress finding terrific success following the Neftali Feliz model. He’s got an electric arm and it’s fun to think about him as a starter but he’d have a far greater impact at the back of a bullpen.

I think that Jeffress has enough of a repit…repo….repotoire…I think he has enough pitches in his arsenal to be a successful starter at the MLB level.

Why move a guy to the bullpen before you know what he can do as a starter? See Brandon Morrow’s time with Seattle as an example.

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