Training Days

Ryan Rowland-Smith is of my favorite former Rattlers.  The Kitsap Sun has this update on his training methods as he tries to bounce back from a tough 2010.

Rowland-Smith has put himself through some rigorous offseason workouts
over the years. He has been pushed by world-class track-and-field
coaches and strengthened his legs by running through the sand on beaches
of his native Australia.

None of that measure up to the intensity the Seattle Mariners’ pitcher has endured the past two weeks in Hollywood, Calif.

Determined never to re-live this year’s 1-10 record, along with the
mental angst it created, Rowland-Smith has worked out this month at the
gym operated by six-time world Mixed Martial Arts champion — and
Lynnwood native — Randy Couture.

“I’ve done lot of hard workouts throughout the years with different
people, and physically and psychologically there’s nothing like this,”
he said. “The workouts are so intense and so tough, you’re just pushing
and pushing and pushing. There are professional fighters in there and,
being around those guys, psychologically nothing comes close to what
they’re doing.”

MMA training sounds interesting.  There was a story on ESPN’s College Dame Day from this past Saturday on Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray using MMA training to get ready for the season.

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