Another reason to watch MLB Network

I’m sure that you already have December 15 marked on your calendar to watch MLB Network to catch the complete rebroadcast of Game Seven of the 1960 World Series.

You know? The broadcast that was thought to be lost forever.  Only to be found in the wine cellar of the Bing Crosby estate.  That one?

As if you needed another reason to watch MLB Network, catch it on Saturday, November 13 at 8pm CST for the premier of Triumph and Tragedy: The 1919 Chicago White Sox.

Aside from touching on topics that are always of interest to me, there is also the fact that is was shot at Alliant Energy Field in Clinton, Iowa.  From the L-Kings website.

“Triumph and Tragedy: The 1919 Chicago White Sox” was filmed by MLB Productions Senior Producer Jeff Spaulding in conjunction with Joe Scherrman and the “Ghost Players” of Dyersville, IA.

Alliant Energy Field was chosen as the backdrop for all action shots based on its historic dugouts, grandstand and playing surface, all perfect as a stand-in for old Comiskey Park. Ghost Players Ron (Hank) Lucas, Nic Hunt, Ted Kruse, Mike Schuster and Dubuque, IA native Nic Ungs all participated in the shoot back on September 26.

Here is a behind the scenes video.  A chance for you to see Alliant Energy Field, too.

I doubt if the victory jump at 1:34 is historically accurate. But, I’m getting into the modern day interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, so I can go with it.

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