One morning I woke up and thought I couldnt bear staring down someones throat at 9 oclock in the morning for the rest of my life…

That is a quote from Dave Niehaus, the Hall of Fame broadcaster of the Seattle Mariners.  He had been enrolled at the Dentistry School at Indiana.  The quote finishes: “Then I stopped by the college’s radio and television station, and I’ve been doing this ever since.”

The this has been broadcasting.  He was the first radio voice of the M’s and had called over 5,000 games for the Mariners.  He has passed away.

Any other quotes that I pull would not do justice to the man.  But, if you listen to the joy of the call of the play below, you get an idea.

Read what his friends, peers, and fans have to say at these links:

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Mariners Website:
Emotional Griffey reflects on Niehaus

Legendary Mariners voice Niehaus passes

Mariners lose a legend in Niehaus

Lookout Landing: Voiceless

Mike Curto, Tacoma Rainiers broadcaster: Remembering A Legend

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