Questions and Ratings for Jeffress

Jonathon Mayo noted 20 prospects who stood out in the just completed Arizona Fall League.  Jeremy Jeffress (’10) made #7 on his list:

7. Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers: An abundance of power arms was a strength of this AFL crop, and Jeffress was the best of the bunch, hitting triple-digits often, even in the Rising Stars Game. Command’s still an issue, but he’s got “future closer” written all over him.

Jeffress also receives a six-pack of questions from Adam McCalvy.  Go read it all, but this is my favorite part:

5. What’s one part of your offseason that you think people would be surprised about?

Jeffress: I’m a golfer. I have a little driving range back home [in South Boston, Va.] that I own, so I go out and hit a lot. My dad built it from the ground up with me and my older brother, Freddie. I go down there a lot during the offseason and help out. I own some land as well. Those are some of the investments I made after signing with the Brewers. My mom wouldn’t let me spend it on cars and things like that.

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