Participation journalism – Australian Style

George Plimpton started it with Out of My League, Paper Lion, Open Net, & The Bogey Man.  I dabbled a bit in it with my base running, and pitching exhibitions on Timber Rattlers Field Pass. 

Participatory journalism continues in Australia with this bit from Ken McGregor of the Adelaide Advertiser as he faces Clinton LumberKing Brandon Maurer.  First the video.

<p><a href=””>VIDEO: Facing the fast ball</a></p>

Gotta love the public domain version of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’. Also, that is a camera attached to his helmet.  An excerpt from the story:

When The Advertiser editor Mel Mansell asked me to go to
Adelaide Bite training and face a pitch from one of the baseball team’s
star US recruits, I thought, why not?

As I stepped up to the plate
to face 196cm Brandon Maurer, who hurled thunderbolt after thunderbolt
at me, I thought of several reasons why I should have let the offer

My first thought was for my elbow and the possible agony if one of the 20-year-old, 100kg, Californian’s pitches went astray.

facing a few balls, Maurer had perfect control of where the ball was
going and the only thing in danger of being hurt was my ego.

How very Plimptonesque.

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