Dave Nilsson in Brisbane

David Nilsson was a catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Now, he is managing his hometown team of Brisbane in his home country of Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald has the story..although the story seems more focused on why Nilsson isn’t playing for the Bandits instead of on how he is as a manager.

AUSTRALIA’S greatest baseballer, David Nilsson, might have played in
the resurrected local professional competition if he had been asked.

Brisbane-born Nilsson played catcher for the Milwaukee
Brewers from 1992 until 1999, and became the first Australian selected
for the Major League Baseball All-Stars.

He is now 40, and hasn’t played high-level baseball since representing Australia at the World Baseball Classic in 2006.

Nilsson is instead managing the Brisbane Bandits, who
lost to the Sydney Blue Sox yesterday in a rain-shortened game at
Blacktown Olympic Park.

The new Australian Baseball League is largely funded by
America’s rich MLB competition, and when it was launched last month, ABL
chairman Mark Peters said of Nilsson: ”We’d love for him to strip off
and play, but, as he says, he’s probably not quite in that shape at the

Nilsson told the Herald: ”If they were serious
they would have approached me [but] they never approached me. I think
it’s just good banter. If they were serious about it they would have
approached me 12 months ago and given me an opportunity to [get into
shape] but they weren’t serious.”

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