Tender, Non-tender, or Rumble

Ryan Rowland-Smith (’03) had a tough year for the Seattle Mariners in 2010.  According to this article at the Seattle Times, he is on the bubble as to whether he will receive a contract for 2011.

According to the same article, RRS is mixing in a new training technique as he prepares for whatever may come:

He’s undertaken mixed martial arts workouts up to five times a week
in Los Angeles at a gym owned by Lynnwood native Randy Couture, a
six-time world Ultimate Fighting champion. Rowland-Smith’s training
partner is FOX Sports NFL analyst Jay Glazer — a part-owner of the gym —
and the pitcher says the benefits extend beyond the physical.

“You have to be psychologically tough to do mixed martial arts,” he
said. “You have to build confidence. Not that I wasn’t psychologically
tough before, but I lost my confidence last season. I lost my edge. As a
professional athlete, it’s basically earning your space and earning
your place in the field around you. You have to have that arrogance,
that edge.”

RRS is an affordable option – in baseball terms – for either the bullpen or the rotation…If he can get it right in 2011.

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