What non-tender means

Late last night, Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times had this news regarding ex-Rattlers pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith.

Ryan Rowland-Smith’s career is now in limbo after the Mariners declined to tender him a contract tonight. David Aardsma, Brandon League and Jason Vargas, as expected, were offered deals as part of the arbitration process.

Rowland-Smith becomes a free agent. The Mariners could opt to re-sign him at a lesser deal, but will have to compete with other clubs.

That is what non-tendered means.

RRS was a Timber Rattlers pitcher in 2002 as a starter and 2003 as a reliever.  His 2003 went much better.  After some wild starts in 2002, he was sent down to Everett.  After some very good relief appearances, RRS was promoted to

About an hour later, Baker had this.

Zduriencik said Rowland-Smith would have had to come back to the Mariners “on our terms.”

Not sure exactly what that means, but [Mariners General Manager Jack] Zduriencik said he offered the Aussie a major league contract.

“We talked to Rowland-Smith and we had our parameters set out,” he said. “And talked about giving Rowland-Smit a chance to come back and be a part of the organziation. But it would have to be on our terms. And as they thought though it, at the end, Ryan decided that what our terms were were not necessarily what his terms were and there was a parting of ways.”

The discussions involved Rowland-Smith “trying to stay on the 25-man roster out of spring training.”

Zduriencik said the team feels Rowland-Smith has a lot to overcome after last year’s dismal 1-10 season. He’s shown flashes of doing that, he added, but at the end of the day, the two sides could not come together.

For now, he’s not closing the door on Rowland-Smith for good, since he is a free agent and can be be negotiated with. But it’s clear Rowland-Smith will be looking elsewhere first.

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