Winter Meetings

The Baseball Winter Meetings are going on down in Orlando this week.  There is a major league side, which includes the deals and all that fun stuff we wrote about yesterday.  There is also a minor league side.

Friend of the blog Ben Hill has a the straight news writeup on Day One.

[T]he remainder of Day 1 of the Winter Meetings was largely dominated by the Bob Freitas Business Seminar, an annual idea-sharing extravaganza. Twenty-five presenters covering five distinct areas of operation spoke throughout the day. A brief sampling:

? As the originators of “Star Wars” Night and (more recently) Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd theme promotions, the West Michigan Whitecaps have long been leaders when it comes to theme jerseys. In “Maximizing Specialty Jersey Nights,” Whitecaps execs Jim Jarecki and Steve McCarthy unveiled their thorough corporate philosophy regarding this ever-growing ballpark promotion. The Whitecaps currently do 10 specialty jerseys a year, five related to a cause and five for fun.

Then, Ben has his blog take on Day One.  Click through for pictures of a couple of the West Michigan Whitecaps specialty jerseys as modeled by members of their front office.

There is also a slideshow at Click through and see if you can spot any members of the Timber Rattlers front office at the Business Seminar.

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