This is not about that story.  If you know what ‘that story’ is, you’ve already seen it.  If you don’t know, well, head over to the Toronto Star for this writeup…which is picture-free

I’ll just leave you with this quick lesson:

1.) Don’t put EVERYTHING you do on the internet.

The main thing that I wanted to pull out of that article is this:

On Monday, when making the announcement of the Shaun Marcum trade for
Lawrie, GM Alex Anthopoulos waxed enthusiastically about his admiration
for the young B.C. native’s combination of “confidence, swagger and
determination that all the great ones have.” On Tuesday, Anthopoulos
stuck to his guns, making no apologies, not backing off his admiration
for Lawrie.

“Hey, look, with respect to Brett, I know a lot’s been written and a
lot’s been said,” Anthopoulos commented. “We spent a lot of time working
on (the trade) and had a lot of long-time coaches and baseball people
that have been around him say that this guy plays the game hard.

“I had one guy tell me that in 30 years he’s never seen a guy play
harder and you’ll never have an issue with him between the lines. Is he
intense? Is he competitive? Yes. And he’s 20 years old. You’re not going
to get 25 players that are cut from the same cloth. But I know one
thing, his work ethic and the way he plays the game won’t be matched.
Jose Bautista’s got a lot of swagger.”

Here are a few other links from north of the border:

Hometown newspaper in Langley, BC.

While happy to be going to Toronto and the lone Canadian team in the Major Leagues, Lawrie said he would play anywhere which would afford him the chance to play in the big leagues.

“I am happy to go the Toronto Blue Jays,” he said, adding that the fact it is a Canadian team is a nice bonus, but he is just looking for the quickest route to the big leagues. “I just want to have that opportunity to play major league baseball.

“It could be anywhere; wherever I get the opportunity is good for me.”

The Calgary Herald has this plus a quote from Brett:

Lawrie has never lacked for confidence. In fact, rare is the story or
blog that doesn’t mention the words cocky, arrogant or attitude when
referencing the heavily tattooed 20-year-old from Langley, B.C.

it’s no surprise, then, that the newest member of the Toronto Blue
Jays organization, plucked out of the Milwaukee Brewers’ minor-league
system in exchange for right-hander Shaun Marcum, says he’s “done with
minor league baseball” after just two seasons.

“I’m ready (for
the major leagues), there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m ready,” the
powerfully built second baseman said Tuesday from Los Angeles, where
his fiancee is a senior on the UCLA soccer team.

It says that it is from their news services, but I can’t find the original article.  That “done with minor league baseball” quote has got to be out of context…doesn’t it?

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