Flashback Friday Supplement for 12/17

This week’s Flashback Friday column will be up is now available at the main site in a little bit.  The story of first game of the 1940 Appleton Papermakers is the main column.  There is an additional column that in today’s newspaper business would be called a ‘sidebar’.

There is a picture of Papermakers’ player-manager Eddie Dancisak beating out a base hit at the link, but there were a couple of neat things that I wanted to share here.

Apologies in advance for the quality.  They are pictures of  images as shown on a microfilm reader.Click for a larger image.

First, here is the full-sized picture of the first hit in Papermakers history.  Dancisak, won prizes from Appleton merchants for being the first Papermaker to reach base with a hit.  He also received gifts from merchants for scoring the first run in team history.

FirstPapermakersHit.jpgThis is Spencer Street Stadium – as the stadium was known before it was renamed Goodland Field.  Notice that there is no roof over the grandstand and there is not much of a screen to protect the fans from foul balls.  More on this in the NOTES section of the Flashback.

The is the boxscore of Opening Day, 1940.  I really like the headline above the boxscore.  More on this in the NOTES section of the Flashback, too.
Opening Day 1940 Boxscore.jpg

This is an ad from the Post-Crescent for O.R. Kloehn Co., a used car dealer on Morrison Street in Appleton. A ’32 NASH Sedan for $50 down!?!?!! AND a free season ticket to the Papermakers! Sign me up!  Also included are some of the classified ads…Six-Room House AND an ACRE OF LAND for $2,750?  The patch of berry bushes in the garden space closes it for me!
1940 ad.jpg

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