Highly recommended

I had a lot to do yesterday and did not have time to put anything up about watching the rebroadcast of Game Seven of the 1960 World Series.

You have got to see it.  The Pirates beating the Yankees 10-9 on a Bill Mazerowski homer in the bottom of the ninth, Bob Prince and Mel Allen as the announcers, Bob Prince doing some very interesting post-game interviews with the Pirates, and so much more.

Additionally, many old Pirates – and the widow of the great Roberto Clemente – were in attendance as the game was shown to a packed theater in Pittsburgh.

As my friend and colleague Nathan Baliva of the Peoria Chiefs said on twitter after the show: every championship team should get a 50 yr event/party & tribute in all sports like the 1960 Pirates just got on #MLB Network.

If you have MLB Network, you really need to see it.  If you have a netflix account, you may want to put it in your cue…If you are a Pirates fan, you probably already have this for Christmas.

To learn more about the 1960 Pirates, head over to this special 50-year Tribute section of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Here is the home run (as put together by newsreel footage) that beat the Yankees.

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