So, did anything happen this weekend?

I am kidding, of course. 

Jim Breen at Bernie’s Crew broke the story on Saturday:

A source informed me earlier today that the Milwaukee Brewers have come to a preliminary agreement with the Kansas City Royals for a deal that would send pitcher Zack Greinke to Milwaukee.

The rumored agreement would send shortstop Alcides Escobar, center fielder Lorenzo Cain, and right-hander Jeremy Jeffress to Kansas City in return for Greinke, shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt and approximately $2M.

The extra $2M is to offset a portion of the $31M that would come to Milwaukee in the trade.  Coincidentally, Betancourt’s buyout for the 2012 season is $2M — so that number could make a good deal of sense, if the Brewers have no intention of keeping the shortstop.

Jim and Tom Haudricourt of the Journal-Sentinel analyzed it:

First, Jim:

As the dust settles from the Zack Greinke acquisition, it has become clear that Doug Melvin is planning on winning now. While the Brewers have the rotation of a contender, they did create some concerns in the everyday lineup by trading away likely starters at shortstop in Alcides Escobar and centerfield in Lorenzo Cain. While neither of these players was likely to be an offensive force in 2011, both are likely to play solid defense and offer at least some offensive upside.

The Brewers should be able to squeeze something out of Carlos Gomez, who avoided arbitration on Friday by taking a one year deal worth 1.5 million. Gomez does play a plus centerfield and has a bit of offensive upside left. The Brewers also have Chris Dickerson as a possible platoon-mate for Gomez. If Dickerson’s offensive numbers rebound back towards career norms and/or Gomez is able to improve his on base percentage, the team should be passable in centerfield.

Now, Tom:

“This is what I call a ‘now’ trade,” said [Brewers GM Doug] Melvin, who was in Chatham, Ontario, visiting his parents when the six-player swap came together.

“I told Zack that I felt like I acquired CC Sabathia again, but this time for two years and maybe longer.”

The trade came at great expense for the Brewers in terms of young, talented players. They sent shortstop Alcides Escobar, centerfielder Lorenzo Cain and pitching prospects Jake Odorizzi and Jeremy Jeffress to the Royals for Greinke, shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt and $2 million in cash.

“It was a costly trade,” said Melvin. “We gave up a lot of good, young players. This is a credit to our scouting and player development people to have the kind of young players it takes to make a trade like this.”

Also, here is the Kansas City perspective by Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star:

“I know every one of these kids except Odorizzi,” said [Royals manager Ned] Yost, who was the Brewers’ manager during 2003-08. “The first time I laid eyes on Alcides Escobar, the impression I got was this kid is going to be an All-Star.

“This kid will probably be our most athletic player, and Cain is right behind him. Escobar will knock your eyes out defensively. He’s a kid who is still developing his offensive capability, but he’s going to hit.

“Lorenzo Cain is the same type of player, and he’s really starting to come into his own. He and Escobar have great speed and great instincts on the bases. They’re going to add to our offense just with their legs alone.”

John Axford is enthused!

Looks like #SundayBoredom turned into #SuperAwesomelyCrazyExcitementRumoursNowTruthSunday! My twitter has been blowing up like woah!

By the way, at one point, that second hashtag was trending on twitter.  Also, that hashtag reminds me of the line super karate monkey death car from Japanese title of Jimmy James autobiography: Jimmy James, Macho Business Donkey Wrestler.

Brew Crew Ball has a few thoughts. Head over their to read them because there is plenty of good stuff and I can’t just pull out one bullet point.  To sum it up: They are excited.

Also, to get an idea of the prospects in the Brewers system, head over to this thread at

Minor League Blog had this tweet:

Following the trade, the #Royals have 7 prospects who are all better then the Number 1 ranked prospect in the #Brewers organization.

Anonymous Eagle had this awesomely accurate response to someone when he saw that above update re-tweeted by one of the people he follows:

Crap. We’re totally xxxxxx when we play Prospect World Series in Neverneverland.

Lastly, I only point out that the Fans’ choice bobblehead by Timber Rattlers fans in 2009 was Brett Lawrie; the Fans’ choice bobblehead in 2010 was Jake Odorizzi; and one of the rehab bobbleheads the Rattlers did in the ’08-’09 offseason was Lorenzo Cain.

Please, be careful in selecting the Fans’ choice bobblehead in 2011.  Thank you.

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