Worth the read

Jim over at Bernie’s Crew has this piece that is worth the click. And seeing as how he was the guy who broke the story on the Greinke trade…oh, just go ahead.  Here is the title:

Melvin and the Brewers Not Ignoring the Future Health of the Organization

Sometimes, when passionately following a Major League Baseball
organization, one tends to overvalue that team’s players and talent.

It causes the best of us to buy into unrealistic hype surrounding
prospects.  It also causes us to demand a king’s ransom in return for
any of our prospects/players.  Ultimately, that hometown bias results in
fans positing “plausible” trade packages such as Parra/Gamel for Matt
Garza of the Tampa Bay Rays.

I found myself nudging myself further into that cozy trap on Sunday, lamenting the loss of another top prospect in Jake Odorizzi — as well as the promising trio of youngsters in Cain/Escobar/Jeffress.  Zack Greinke
is obviously a treat, but I wanted to argue the return was not worth
the overall risk to the organization due to the gutting of the minor
league system.

After 48 hours of sleeping on this trade, however, I realized the
true root of the discomfort surrounding the trade:  The discomfort was
not so much due to the fact that the Brewers were surrendering any
sure-fire stud players in the trade.  It was that the Brewers were
trading away everything they had remaining in the system.

In a pure talent-for-talent evaluation of the trade, the Brewers did
quite well.  They acquired one of the top pitchers in all of baseball
for a group of players that have been dubbed as “big league average”
again and again by scouts.  Various scouts prefer one of the four over
another and each will have his favorites, but the Brewers needed
top-flight talent to make the postseason in 2011 or 2012 — and that was
not about to come in the form of Cain/Escobar/Odorizzi/Jeffress.

No offense meant to any of the prospects mentioned above.  A
postseason berth was simply not about to happen on the backs of those
four, and that is just common sense.

Go read it all.

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