Former Rattlers pitchers in the news

ESPN reports that agent Scott Boras thinks that client Rafael Soriano (’00) would be a great fit for the Yankees!

Free-agent closer Rafael Soriano led the majors in saves last year, but he would consider being a setup man for one team in baseball — the New York Yankees.

“That door is open for a number of different reasons,” Soriano’s agent, Scott Boras, told

The possibility of putting together a shutdown bullpen by pairing Soriano in the eighth inning with closer Mariano Rivera could be an alternative plan for the Yankees after failing to lure Cliff Lee to the Bronx.

ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that Rafael Soriano will not go to the Yankees!

Heard this: As of 6 p.m. on Thursday, the Yankees are not interested in Rafael Soriano. They’ve seen a lot of $ squandered on set-up men.

Soriano would have to make himself absurdly cheap — on a very short-term (1-year or 2-year deal) — before NYY would even consider him.

Brian Fuentes (’97) spent last year with the Angels and Twins.  Now, he is a free agent and he wants to close!  He wants to close because…

Fuentes telling teams he would like to close, source says. Not a shock. That’s where the money is.

Lookout Landing has a look at what to expect from Michael Pineda (’08).

I think we can project a healthy Michael Pineda to throw something like 100-120 innings as a Seattle Mariner next season. What should we expect to see over those 100-120 innings?

We’ll see Pineda dominate at times with a mid- to high-90s tailing fastball, of which he has pretty good command. He likes to work up in the zone, leading to a lot of swinging strikes, and that’s a good foundation for any starting pitcher. If you can get batters to swing through your fastball, you’re probably going to generate a lot of strikeouts and limit run-scoring opportunities.

Between his fastball and slider, Pineda should have little problem working against right-handed batters pretty much from the minute he first steps on a Major League mound. No one’s immune to making mistakes and on occasion he’ll get burned, but he should nevertheless be highly effective.

The struggles, I imagine, will come against lefties. And though that doesn’t seem like a critical issue, since left-handed bats are greatly outnumbered by right-handed bats, many teams will have enough lefties around to stack their lineups. The Rangers will probably start four. The Angels will probably start four or five. The A’s will probably start five or six. Felix has faced 53% lefties over the course of his career, and I’d expect Pineda to see a similar breakdown.

Read it all. Because, it’s not like they expect Pineda to be terrible against lefties.

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