Thursday Program post (1987)

This 1987 program cover is the first done by Paul Birling.  You may remember the style from this post about the 1989 cover.


The 1987 season was notable in Appleton baseball history because it was the first season since 1965 in which the Foxes would not be affiliated with the Chicago White Sox.  You can kind of pick out the new parent club’s logo on the left sleeve of the Foxes player in the illustration.

That patch will be front and center in the 1990 cover.  And, I’ll share that one next week.

The White Sox wound up in South Bend, but not until 1988.  So, there was not a GRUDGE SERIES set for the ’87 season.  But, can you see something in this schedule that is unusual?

87Schedule.jpgIf you saw the * on June 14 for the scheduled doubleheader against Madison and said, “Scheduled doubleheader? What’s that? And why are they playing Madison on just that one day?” recoil in terror…Because you caught the same thing I did.

As for Mike’s Towne & Country Markets. Click the links to see what is currently at each location.

Head over to Google Maps and plug in the addresses.

You will be surprised at how close one of those locations is to Goodland Field.

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