Rattlers scheduled for Brewers On Deck

Brewers On Deck is happening on Sunday, January 30 at the Frontier Airlines Arena in Milwaukee.

Zack Greinke will meet Milwaukee fans for the first time on Jan. 30 as part of “Brewers On Deck,” a downtown fanfest that features autographs and photos, interactive games and other baseball-themed events.

Greinke, acquired from the Royals last month, is one of 25 current Brewers players scheduled to appear along with the full coaching staff, a slate of prospects and some Milwaukee legends

Tickets for the event along with a full slate of happenings and scheduled appearances may be found at this link.

Speaking of that slate of prospects, the following former Rattlers are scheduled to appear:

  • Kentrail Davis
  • Scooter Gennett
  • Kyle Heckathorn
  • Erik Komatsu
  • Hunter Morris
  • Cody Scarpetta

Word on the street is that Heckathorn, Komatsu, and Scarpetta will be taking part in a trivia contest against Greinke and a couple of other current Brewers.

Also, the Timber Rattlers will have a booth at Brewers On Deck.  Stop by to say hello!

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Too bad Cameron Garfield won’t be there, I would have really liked to have my poster from last season signed by him. I think he is going to have a huge 2011 season.

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