Thursday Program post (1990)

As mentioned last week, here is a look at the 1990 Program.  Notice that this Paul Birling cover has made the Royals patch on the arm of the Foxes jersey a bit more noticeable:

90Cover.jpgI love the detail of the ball being loose so there is no doubt that the Foxes runner is safe.  Do you see the ball?  Down in the right corner of the cover near the left hand of the runner.  There is also just enough detail in the crowd to imply a good crowd at Goodland Field.

The schedule page of the 1990 program:
Mike’s Towne & Country Market is back again.

Click on that image to see some of the scheduling quirks of minor league baseball in 1990.  For example:

Opening Day for the Foxes was in Wausau on April 6.  The Home Opener was on April 7 against Wausau. 

The first scheduled off day of the 1990 season was on Sunday, May 13.  The next scheduled off day was June 25, which was the day after the first half ended.

Two game series used to drive me up the wall.  But, apparently they used to be the norm in the Midwest League.

And check out this stretch beginning Saturday, July 7:

SAT, 7/7: v. Waterloo
SUN, 7/8: @ Waterloo
MON, 7/9: @ Wausau
TUE, 7/10: OFF Day*
WED, 7/11: @ Waterloo
THU, 7/12: @ Waterloo

Google map that travel.  Keep in mind that the Foxes did not stay overnight when they played at Wausau.  So, the travel would be Appleton to Waterloo back to Appleton up to Wausau back to Appleton and back down to Waterloo.

*-This was the first scheduled off day of the second half.  The next (and last) scheduled off day of the second half would be Sunday, August 5

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