This post over at Don Walker’s Business of Sports Blog at the JSOnline makes a note about the marketability of a couple of Green Bay Packers.

In a recent post, I reported that Rodgers’ national profile is higher than ever before, though it still trails some of the big guns in the National Football League such as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

That information comes courtesy of the Nielsen/E-Poll N-Score, which evaluates the appeal, awareness and endorsement potential of more than 1,000 sports figures. The N-Score is based on weekly surveys of people ages 13 and above.

Rodgers’ N-Score nationally is 14, which is two points higher than the median score for all players in the National Football League. Manning has an N-Score of 262. Manning leads all quarterbacks in the NFL playoffs. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is second with an N-Score of 131.

Recently, Nielsen/E-Poll did a local market survey in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. And within that market, Rodgers’ N-Score was 569.

But, look who scored higher…

“That honor goes to Donald Driver with an N-Score of 647,” Parker said in an e-mail. And that number puts Driver in the top 1% of all local market sports personalities, he said.

Why Driver? Well, if you’re paying attention, Driver has endorsement and marketing deals with major clients in Wisconsin, including McDonald’s, Time Warner Cable and more.

Also, there’s this little charity softball game coming up on June 5 at Time Warner Cable Field. You may see Driver and the offense take on the defense in the annual game.  Tickets available right here.

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