Every time I think about doing a mailbag column on the blog or on the website, I read one of the Aks mailbag columns and go: No. I don’t need to – or want to – do that.

Here is the latest penance/punishment for an anonymous staffer.  Picking four favorites out of here would be like picking my four favorite beers.  They are all good and after the first three it really doesn’t matter anymore.

I am hoping that you can help me identify a player’s name? He’s number is No. 38 and would have played in the Southern League in 1994 or in the following years! Can you help me with that information or let me know where I might be able to research it?Tracy N.

Can’t help you much there. We’d need more specific information. Players change uniform numbers often as it is, so it’s impossible to say.

Hi, do you know your phone number, because Jonathan wants to talk to the baseball players on the phone. Jonathan wants to ask the baseball players some questions on the phone. Jonathan

Yes, we do know our phone number, and no, there are no players currently here at our office to speak with. The best way to chat with a Minor Leaguer would probably be at the ballpark before and after games. Many players stick around to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

Why do we in America pay our Minor League players so little? We have so many out-of-the-country players — why do we pay the American players so little? Thank you. — Lisa L.

Minor League players are employees of Major League clubs. The salaries of first-year players are established by the Major Leagues for each Minor League classification or league. After a player’s first year, salaries are negotiable. Where a player is from has no bearing on his salary. Most Minor Leaguers are paid according to the number of years they have played and the classification at which they are playing.

Hello. I need 20 pocket schedules for 2011, is it possible? Thank you very much.Johanne L. does not have any pocket schedules. Individual Minor League teams may be able to send you schedules upon request. Schedules are available on for your perusal.

That was delicious. Head over to read it all.

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