Thursday Program post (1993)

There is something about the 1993 Program that makes me stop and smile every time I see it.

Is it the unnamed cartoon fox drawn by Dave Taylor for the cover?  Is it the fact that the left-handed hitting, unnamed cartoon fox is drawn on a pier with the Sleeping Giant of Thunder Bay in the background?  Is it the detail of the red stirrups on the pantless, unnamed cartoon fox? I will not answer any of those questions.
93cover.jpg Is it the cartoon baseball player in the ad for American below the 1993 schedule?

Is it the hopeful writeup on the new affiliation with the Mariners?
93meetthemariners (2).jpg
Is it the “Old School” insert that was tucked inside the program? Is it the ad for TIM POWERS, DYNAMIC SPEAKER EXTRODANAIRE!!!?
93statinsert.jpgOr is it the fact that the program for 1993 was printed backwards. The binding is to the right of the cover instead of to the left. Go grab a magazine or book and look at it. You’ll see what I mean.

Whatever it is, I will freely admit that the 1993 Foxes program is my favorite of all-time.

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