Winter League updates

The Caribbean Series starts on Wednesday. has a preview of the six-day event that is being held Puerto Rico this year.

It looks like Martin Maldonado (’09) of Dominican League champion Toro del Este is the only former Rattler active in the event this year.  That may change once the games start.

I did notice that Wisconsin native Jason Jaramillo is a teammate of Maldonado.

Down in Australia, the second round of the playoffs start on Friday…or Thursday, however that whole dateline thing works.

I am still trying to figure out their playoff system.

The first round series were #1 v. #2 and #3 v. #4.  The loser of 3 v. 4 was out, but the loser of 1 v. 2 moved into a semifinal series v. the winner of 3 v. 4.

If I read that correctly, Sydney, with former Rattlers pitcher Craig Anderson, and Adelaide, with former Rattlers outfielder Jamie McOwen (’07) are scheduled to face each other this weekend while Sydney is through to the Championship Series.

It’s also summer down there!


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