Not a bad Monday


Thanks to The Kid for taking this picture with the scope on his sniper rifle. I want to thank him for not pulling the trigger, too.

He must have had a good shot up in the balcony.

This is me on stage at Perry Hall during my lecture at UW-Fox Valley yesterday.

The talk was lightly attended (I wonder why…No, I don’t actually wonder at all), but it seemed to go over pretty well.

A thank you to Kyle from Brew Crew Ball and his wife for making the trip over to hear me ramble on for 45 minutes.

The odd thing about the lecture was that John Wollner was in the audience.  John was the president of the Foxes/Timber Rattlers during the late-Goodland Field/early Fox Cities Stadium era of Appleton Professional Baseball.  That era figured heavily into the talk.  He didn’t correct me on anything substantial.

However, he did admit to me that he preferred this as the team name and logo when Fox Cities Stadium opened…

He was surprised that the artwork for that had been saved. He also laughed along with the rest of the audience when I showed the slide that included this logo.

I am glad for that.

1 Comment

“There was a second shooter!”

I’d never been there before & thought the balcony would be a good vantage point. Also thought that if there was too much Packer talk I could just slide out & back to the office unnoticed…

I like to think of myself as a bit of a Timber Rattler fan but even I didn’t know some of that earlier history (first moved to The Valley in ’96).

It was fun and informative. Again, well done Chris.

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