A word about an Annual

I received an offer from Brian Carriveau of CheeseheadTV (and various other websites) to write an article for the Maple Street Press Milwaukee Brewers Annual 2011.

My article is about the relationship between the Timber Rattlers and the Brewers.  But, there is so much more in the annual.  The top Brewers bloggers on the web all contributed articles.  I have been paging through my advance copy in my free moments over the last few days and there is a lot of great stuff.

This is being mentioned today because today is the day that Maple Street Press is starting to ship the Annual.  It will be on newsstands on March 1, but you can order it right now and it will be sent out to you.

Here is the link to order it

I am just going to steal the table of contents from Jaymes at The Brewers Bar.  Nice work on that, Jaymes. Thank you.

Turning Up The Heat
by Kyle Lobner
After a busy offseason, take a player-by-player look at the roster to see how the Brewers size up heading into 2011.

An Aggressive New Direction
by Drew Olson
Ron Roenicke is bringing a different brand of baseball to Milwaukee.

Past And Present
by Jaymes Langrehr
Take a “big-picture” look at the direction of the Brewers organization.

Stocked Up On Talent
by Kyle Lobner
With several new roster additions, the Brewers are hoping to avoid the same old results.

Know Thy Enemy
by Tony Wilson
Look at the NL Central, including last year’s division-winning Reds, the always dangerous Cardinals, and the rival Cubs.

Carving His Own Niche
by Jordan Schelling
only his fifth year in the major leagues, Ryan Braun is becoming one of
the best known figures in Brewers franchise history.

A Contending Rotation
by Brian Carriveau
Thanks to Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke, the Brewers boast one of baseball’s best rotations.

Back In The Booth
by Drew Olson
Bob Uecker’s absence in 2010 only underscored how much he means to the Brewers.

Success Is A Relief
by Brian Carriveau
The Brewers bullpen has Milwaukee poised to contend this coming season.

Identity Building Exercise
by Nicholas Zettel
The 2011 season will go a long way toward determining how good several of the Brewers’ star players become.

Looking For Leather
by Jaymes Langrehr
Just how bad was the Brewers defense in 2010?

A Lead-off Profile
by Jack Moore
Statistics show that Rickie Weeks was born to lead off.

Farm Report
by Ryan Topp
Take a look at the inner workings of the Brewers farm system.

The Future Of The Franchise
by Jim Breen
Check out the minor league prospects bubbling just beneath the major league surface.

Forging A Friendship
by Chris Mehring
With two seasons under their belt, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are earning their keep as a member of the Brewers farm system.

Brewing Up Memories
by Jason Wilde
As Miller Park celebrates its 10th season, look back on some of the park’s most memorable moments.

Team Streak
by James Wold
Juan Nieves’ no-hitter to Paul Molitor’s 39-game hitting streak, the
1987 Brewers were one of hte most remarkable teams in franchise history.

Larger Than Life
by Mike Johnson
CC Sabathia only spent about three months in Milwaukee as a member of the Brewers. But what an amazing three months it was.

Needs More Uecker
by Scott Vander Helden
Introducing “Word Association: Milwaukee Brewers Last Names Edition.”

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