Pineda gets some press

Former Timber Rattlers pitcher Michael Pineda (’08) is one of the top prospects in baseball.  USA Today takes a look at why.

The Michael Pineda watch began in earnest last spring. He was just a kid getting a few innings of work late in a couple of spring games.

Fellow Seattle Mariners prospect Dustin Ackley sure took notice. “He’s unbelievable,” Ackley said of the imposing pitching prospect who is ranked No. 4 among our 100 Names You Need to Know.

Pineda, 22, could be No. 2 in the Seattle rotation by the end of this season.

“There’s a spot in the rotation for him,” Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik says.

Is he another Felix Hernandez, the reigning American League Cy Young Award winner and Seattle ace? Not yet.

As for the pertinent numbers on Pineda, who was signed in 2005 in the Dominican Republic as a 180-pound 16-year-old, try 6-5, 245 and 100. In other words, he’s filled out that frame growing up in the Mariners system and, yes, he can hit 100 mph.

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