Thursday Program post (1970)

This is going to be a fun one.  Click for the larger images.  Make sure to check out the .pdf files, too.

The 1970 cover with a photo of a packed Goodland Field grandstand….and the ad for Zaug’s vending…
1970foxescover.jpgNext up is this version of the Foxes honor roll…And the Cubs were on WAPL?

1970honorroll.jpgSomebody kept score during this game between the Foxes and the Clinton Pilots.  No, the person didn’t stop scoring after seven innings.  Appleton lost 1-0 on a 2-hitter in one of the games of a doubleheader.  Also, Bleier’s Bar should be familiar to Steelers fans as well as Appleton locals.

1970scorecard2.jpgHere is a fun couple of pages with pictures from Foxes History.  Make sure to click on this page for the larger images.  The team photo in front of the bus and the honorary firemen might be my favorites.  I may crop these and post the photos individually later.  But, this page is A-Level Awesome!

Here are a pair of inserts that were, um, inserted into the program.  Sorry about the extra clicks.  But, I wanted to test posting a .pdf to see how the game notes posts will look during the season.

The first one is from a game between the Foxes and the Clinton Pilots.  In 1970, the Pilots were an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.  Jim Slaton is listed on the roster…but as Jim Slates.


This is an insert for a series against the Danville Warriors.  Danville was a true co-op team with players from 12 different major league systems.


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