In the mix?

I post this because I know that one person will comment on it.  The only question is how long it will take before jumping in…there is a pool in the office:

If he were a different kind of man, another player, Matt Tuiasosopo could be carrying a bit of an attitude this spring.

When manager Erik  Wedge was tossing out an off-the-cuff infield depth chart, for instance, he talked about Josh Wilson, Dustin Ackley, Matt Mangini, Alex Liddi – and never did get around to having Tuiasosopo in the mix for a bench job.

That happens around camps every spring, especially with new managers and coaches a few days into workouts with the regulars. There are 63 players in camp, and if Wedge occasionally forgets to mention one it probably isn’t meaningful just yet.

Still, this is the seventh Seattle Mariners camp for Tuiasosopo, who will turn 25 in a few months. No one questions his athleticism, his work ethic. But he’s never come to camp with a job or much of a chance for one.

Part of that is he’s never had a breakout season making his way up the Seattle farm system. In 623 minor league games, Tuiasosopo has batted .270 with 53 home runs and 304 RBI. His on base percentage is .363.

In 71 big-league games, 193 at-bats, he’s hits .176. And Tuiasosopo has an option remaining, meaning he can be sent back to the minors at the end of camp.

So Tuiasosopo could be an unhappy camper this spring. He’s not. Asked if he thought of himself as a forgotten man in a room full of job candidates, Tuiasosopo answered with one word.

“No,” he said.

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If you had before noon…please come to the front desk and claim your prize!

Sorry to whomever had the 11:00 – 11:30 slot, lots of Twitter stuff to get through while eating my turkey, lettuce & dill mustard on a wheat hamburger bun…

I’m being a realistic when it comes to my first (and still top) Rattler man crush. I know it’s going to be an up hill battle for Tui and it’s made even easier for the club since he has an option left and can get regular AB’s at Tacoma until someone gets hurt.

A couple “insider” type guys actually responded to Tweet questions (what were they thinking?) and all agree he’s likely not going to make the team out of camp.

But it’s nice to read that he’s still got a great attitude and is battling. I also read this morning that he was taking infield backing up both Figgins (3B) & Smoak (1B).

Regardless if i’m checking Mariner or Rainer box scores this summer…Tui Nation remains strong!

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