Additions to The Interrogation Room

Kyle Heckathorn’s turn in The Interrogation Room was not done.  I had a few follow up questions and he responded on Tuesday.  BUT, his answers got caught by my email filter and the update didn’t show up until this morning.  Which is weird because his original answers came through fine on Monday…technology….we do live in an age of miracles and wonders.

I will update the piece on the home page later this morning, but here are his updates.

TIR: What makes the Lake County game stand out for you?

KH: Lake County was the best game I had this year in both leagues. I had great command and threw my first complete game. It was one of the days whens everything was working together, which doesn’t happen everyday so when they do you take advantage of the moment, which turned out well for me that day.

TIR: What kind of different situations are you learning how to handle?

KH: Just with the fans and the pace of the game. How to react when you dont have your best stuff, but you still have to compete and give you team a chance to win.

TIR: Would you let fans know what the off season workouts you got from the Brewers were like?

KH: The workouts were pretty tough. They give us a program to follow with lots of cardio and different types of workouts that lead up to spring training so when you report your right on track with everyone else.

Thanks to Kyle Heckathorn for stepping into The Interrogation Room this week.

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