Oh, West Michigan, youve done it again!

First they brought you the Swimming Pig.  Then, they brought you the Fifth Third Burger!

Among the food dishes that the West Michigan Whitecaps are looking at bringing in this season:

Walking Spaghetti – Love spaghetti but hate the hassle of using a plate? The Whitecaps understand your frustration, so we’ve replaced the archaic concept of a plate with the innovative idea to carry this Italian delight around on garlic bread. We smother the giant 16-inch loaf of Cole’s garlic bread with a pound of spaghetti, meatballs, a quart of marinara and a pound of cheese, and now it’s Walking Spaghetti. Magnifico! And at a ******** 5,630 calorie count, it dwarfs the relatively slender Fifth Third Burger, which weighs in at 4,889 calories.

Spaghetti.jpgOh, you want a bigger picture? Here is this one from Amanda Loman of The Grand Rapids Press.

WalkingSpaghetti.jpgI have enough carbs to run a marathon after just looking at that picture.

Then – also from Amanda Loman – there is this…


Bologna Lollipop – No, that’s not a misprint. And it’s exactly what you’d imagine. Bologna? Check. Stick? Check. Put the five-inch diameter, inch-thick slice of fried bologna on the stick and you’ve got a bologna lollipop.

Elvis approves. You must go to the link up to that takes you to the Whitecaps website to see the other eight items that are up for vote. It’s almost too bad that the Rattlers don’t go to West Michigan in the regular season for 2011.

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