Moore…Adam Moore

Geoff Baker has the story of former Timber Rattlers catcher Adam Moore (’06) and the similarities to Miguel Olivo, his current teammate with the Seattle Mariners:

His voice is an enthusiastic soundtrack of wisecracks, cuss words in two languages and constant encouragement, echoing around the fields like the pops of baseballs hitting gloves.

Mariners catcher Miguel Olivo admits he’s having far more fun than he did during his first go-round with Seattle in the middle of the last decade. Olivo, who turns 33 in July, is all grown up now, having exchanged his daunting “catcher of the future” label for that of a proven major-league veteran.

But he remembers the hard times, much as he has tried to forget them. So he naturally had plenty to say this week when second-year catcher Adam Moore, whose own struggles mirror those Olivo faced years ago, approached him for advice.


Moore hit just .195 in 60 games and had a team-high 58 starts behind the plate last season. The Mariners wound up trading equally unproductive catcher Rob Johnson to the Padres, then signed Olivo to a two-year, $7 million deal to start ahead of Moore.

That was quite a disappointment for Moore, 26, who’d dazzled in a brief September stint in 2009 and had team officials and fans gushing about a bright future. The same way former general manager Bill Bavasi gushed about Olivo in 2004, when he acquired him from the White Sox as a key piece of the Freddy Garcia trade.

“I just brought it up and asked him about it,” Moore said. “He went through the same struggles I went through here. He told me ‘You’ve got to continue to work hard and think about the positives that happened last year.’ “

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