February 2011

Head on over to Bernies Crew

Podcast Time over at Bernie’s Crew.

Their table of contents…Can I call it that?  Their rundown…

>>  Packers Super Bowl Victory

>>  Mailbag Questions (keep them coming!)

>>  Brewers’ Outfield Preview

>>  Minor League Sleepers

>>  Interview with Jonathan Lucroy

Enjoy the baseball talk!

The road ahead

Somewhere in all of the football excitement over the last few weeks…

…we slipped under the 60 days left until Opening Day mark.

I guess it’s time to get serious.

And by serious, I mean to ask of there is anyone out there in the Rattler Radio readership who might be interested in a fantasy baseball league?  Let me know over at my twitter feed.  Also, if there are any Midwest League announcers out there that read this and are interested in an announcers league let me know.

There is a lot to do:

History project
PLAYBALL! articles
Media Guide
Various releases (There should be one a week for awhile*)
Various articles for the website
Spring Training trip
Various other random tasks

A lot of those deadlines are March 1.  If I read my calendar correctly – that means I have even less than 60 days to wrap up some of these projects.  WHEEEEE!

The blog will be kept up to date as best as possible over the next two months.  I am planning on a return of This Week in Timber Rattlers Baseball (man, I miss The Sports Bubbler) once the season starts.

There are a few other ideas percolating around my brain for features this season…should be fun.

One other note.  I see that Rattler Radio cracked the Top 40 (at #40) for January in the MLBlogosphere.  I also see that The Watson Files (#34) and The Lumber Blog (#30) are still in front of me, too.

Lots of work to do.

I missed this

There was a lot going on over the last couple of weeks, so apologies to “Hammerin’ Hank”for missing his 77th birthday back on February 5.  I saw a link to his Hall of Fame video on Adam McCalvy’s twitter feed.

MLB.com does not allow embedding of its video so here is a link to home run #715.

Want to know why so many announcers look up to and try to emulate Vin Scully? Here is his call of #715. It’s just a still shot of Aaron with the audio of Scully, but time how long the pause is after the home run is hit to when he speaks again.

A great announcer for a great moment.

Not a bad Monday


Thanks to The Kid for taking this picture with the scope on his sniper rifle. I want to thank him for not pulling the trigger, too.

He must have had a good shot up in the balcony.

This is me on stage at Perry Hall during my lecture at UW-Fox Valley yesterday.

The talk was lightly attended (I wonder why…No, I don’t actually wonder at all), but it seemed to go over pretty well.

A thank you to Kyle from Brew Crew Ball and his wife for making the trip over to hear me ramble on for 45 minutes.

The odd thing about the lecture was that John Wollner was in the audience.  John was the president of the Foxes/Timber Rattlers during the late-Goodland Field/early Fox Cities Stadium era of Appleton Professional Baseball.  That era figured heavily into the talk.  He didn’t correct me on anything substantial.

However, he did admit to me that he preferred this as the team name and logo when Fox Cities Stadium opened…

He was surprised that the artwork for that had been saved. He also laughed along with the rest of the audience when I showed the slide that included this logo.

I am glad for that.

Rattlers Alumni Report: Playing Catchup

The Australian Baseball League Semifinals wrapped up over the weekend.  Adelaide – with former Rattler Jamie McOwen – won the last two games over Sydney.  The Bite are off to Perth for the finals this weekend.

Game Two:
Sydney 0
Adelaide 4

Jamie McOwen (’07): 1-for-4, RUN

Game Three (15 innings):
Adelaide 7
Sydney 4

McOwen: 1-for-6

The Caribbean Series ended on Monday and Mexico won with a 4-2 record.  Former Rattler Rene Rivera played for Puerto Rico, but only appeared in one game, a 4-3 loss to the Dominican Republic on February 4.

DR 4
PR 3

Rene Rivera (’03): 0-for-4

Mehring Monday delayed

Good morning, everyone. 

The regular Monday postings and the ‘Mehring Monday’ column on the main website are going to be delayed. But, not for the reasons you might think….


Where was I? Oh, right making an excuse that has nothing to do with football…

I am in the process of going through my lecture that I will be giving at noon today on the UW-Fox Valley campus.  I will have everything new again after 2pm today.

Or – if you need “Mehring Monday: Live from Budokan” – stop by Perry Hall today and witness me try to be interesting for an hour without a baseball game as a crutch.

Where my loyaty lies

There is a big game on Sunday.  I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life.  I cheered for John Hadl, Jerry Tagg, David Whitehurst, and Randy Wright…Mike Douglass, Mike McLeod, Mike Weddington, and Mike Wellman…Barry Smith, Barty Smith, Ollie Smith, and Perry Smith…

None of those players have worn Green & Gold since the last time the Packers made it to the Super Bowl.  But, they are part of what cemented my fandom in the team from Titletown.

I will not make a prediction or put down any money on this game.  This graphic from the front of the Timber Rattlers website says almost everything I want to say.


Go Pack!

Rattlers Alumni Report: Game of February 3, 2011


@Sydney 8, Adelaide 0

Jamie McOwen (’07): 0-for-4

David Welch of the Blue Sox tosses a no-hitter.

Adelaide leadoff hitter Jeremy Cresswell stepped into the batter’s box,
took four out of five pitches he saw out of the strike zone, and took
his free pass to first base in the opening inning of Round 2 of the
Delta Air Lines ABL Postseason at Blacktown Olympic Park. And perhaps it
was in that imperfection that David Welch’s near-perfect day was born.

In the biggest game of Sydney’s season, Welch threw maybe the best game
of his life, spinning the first no-hitter in the young history of the
reborn Australian Baseball League while leading his Blue Sox to an 8-0
victory in their Round 2 opener. Welch issued just three walks while
striking out ten and holding the Adelaide “ETSA” Bite hitless to push
his team to within one win of a trip to the Delta Air Lines ABL
Championship Series next weekend in Perth.

Caribbean Series:

Former Timber Rattlers catcher Rene Rivera (’03) has been picked up by Puerto Rico to play in the Caribbean World Series.  Rivera has not played in the series yet, Robinson Cancel has started the first two games of the series for Puerto Rico.

Thursday Program post (1976)

The year 1976 was the bicentennial of the United States of America.  The Appleton Foxes got right into the Spirit of ’76.

The cover:


Sadly, it would appear that Bob Koehnke’s Lounge – which became Pete’s at some point – is now closed.  Valley Northern Bank became M& I Bank in a merger.  Bohl & Maeser’s moved to Calumet Street and became a Pedorthic Center. Knight’s Jewelry is still at the same location.  Are there any more Texaco Stations?

Opening Day for the Foxes was April 17 with a home game against Wisconsin Rapids.  The Twins had their home opener on April 18 against the Foxes.  A lot of two game series in this schedule.

Exploring the space

Monday’s Lecture at Perry Hall on the UW-Fox Valley Campus is getting closer.

I am headed over there today to get a feel for the room and go through some of the technical aspects of giving a PowerPoint presentation……yes, I said it.

If you click on the Perry Hall link, you will get a feel for the room as well.

After being on stage today, The following things might happen on Monday:

I will bring along one of my John Hiatt CD’s and lip sync his greatest hits for 45 minutes.  Because Perry Hall looks like a place that John Hiatt would rock.

I will confidently give a cogent presentation and say “What happened? I blacked out.” when it is done.

I will perform the theme from Mighty Mouse and go on to read from The Great Gatsby.

Gotta dance.

You might learn a little something.  And learning is half the battle….or something.

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