Flashback Friday Supplement for 3/4

You never know what you are going to find when you go looking for a certain set of facts.

One of the projects this offseason was to collect the old box scores (or at least scores) from Timber Rattlers history.  I have been mostly successful on that account.  However, whenever I discovered a story that might be of interest, I made sure to save it for use in a Flashback Friday column.

Today’s Flashback, which will be posted at the Timber Rattlers home page soon, is a story about two sluggers on the 1996 squad.  (ADDED: Flashback Friday is posted.)
ariasvickerscards.jpgOn the left is Randy Vickers.  On the right is David Arias.  Everyone knows the story of David Arias…Ortiz.  Vickers was traded to the Mets after 51 games with the Rattlers in 1996.  He was out of baseball after the 1997 season.

I did a quick google search to find out why.  You will see why in the NOTES section of this week’s Flashback.  Make sure to read it.  Link available when it is posted.

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