No truth to the rumor that you havent heard…

I have google alerts set up for all the teams in the Midwest League.  Sometimes that makes for a lot of emails with nothing in them.  Other times you see something that is very interesting.

Today was one of those interesting days.  And on top of that, it makes me want to hear more.

First here is this bit from a Charley Walters column from the St. Paul Pioneer Press.


The Twins say there is absolutely no truth to rumors that their Class A Beloit Snappers club is moving from Wisconsin to St. Paul if the city gets a new ballpark to share with the independent league Saints.

Huh? What?

A quick google search finds this blog post at the Star Tribune from March…2010!?.  It is by Michael Rand and is described as ‘Commenter Clarence Swamptown is back with his increasingly popular feature “Clearance Clarence,” which is basically an unfiltered plunge into his soul.’  I think that this is a take Mike Royko’s old Slats Grobnik character.  The part about the Beloit Snappers that Walters shoots down is right here:

I would not support public funding for a new Saints ballpark (or renovating Midway Stadium) unless they somehow partner with the Minnesota Twins to become a Twins farm team.

I realize that this is a very odd and selfish condition, but there is no reason why the Beloit Snappers (the Twins’ Low-A affiliate) cannot be moved to St. Paul. The Saints’ sell three times (!) more tickets each year than Beloit (Beloit sold 83,480 tickets in 2009.  St. Paul sold 267,398.).

Beloit currently plays in a league with teams from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa,- so moving the team to St. Paul would not require a league change.  Aaron Hicks, the Minnesota Twins top prospect, is likely to start this season in Beloit.  I would drive to St. Paul to watch Aaron Hicks play.  The St. Paul Saints are good baseball players, but most Minnesotans live within 10-minutes of an amateur baseball field.

I can hit the Miesville Mudhens’ ballpark with a well-struck six iron from my backyard.  I enjoy going to St. Paul Saints games because it’s a fun and unique atmosphere (pigs, TRAIN, etc.), but I do not need to drive to St. Paul to watch a slightly elevated brand of town-team baseball.

The Twins should want a farm team in their backyard, if only to increase the average fan’s connection to their young players.  It seems like a natural partnership.

Note: I had to add in paragraph breaks to make that readable.  Also note: the author forgot about the teams in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.  But I’ll let it slide because the more I read this column, the more I think that it is a bad parody of blog commenters.

Something else must have popped up recently that brought this issue to the forefront again.  But, I can’t find it.  As for reasons why the Snappers aren’t leaving Beloit any time soon….I don’t have enough room on this blog or time left in the offseason.

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