Rummage Sale Items

Individual game tickets go on sale at 10am on Saturday, March 5.  Also at 10am on March 5

If you haven’t checked out Jay’s Collector’s Corner post yet this week, do so right here.

Lots of great items again this year, highlighted by the home and road jerseys from the past two seasons.  These will be the first jerseys we’ve ever sold with the Brewers patch on the sleeve.  Most of the home jerseys have the name plate left on form the last person to wear them.  A few jerseys have been held out for future framing in the office, but I believe every player has at least one of their three jerseys (home, road, bp) for sale.  Lots of game used bats are included, some in better shape than others.  A variety of stuff from the store is included as well, with most items 50% off or more.

Click through to see some of the items that Jay has highlighted.  I just snuck into the Team Store to get a few pictures of my favorite items that are available.

This is a lot of stuff.  Great deals to be had!

Rummage Sale 002.JPGA little better look at the Fox Cities Monopoly Games and the disposable cameras…Remember those….disposable cameras?
Rummage Sale 003.JPGJay has a stack of old jerseys available.  The next three photos are of some of my favorites.  Here is an old Chris Snelling jersey:
Rummage Sale 005.JPGRemember to sleeveless jerseys?  This one belonged to Aaron Taylor.

Rummage Sale 007.JPG
Mike Wilson jersey!
Rummage Sale 004.JPGI saw a Clint Nageotte jersey in there and for the rest….well, you’ll have to be here at 10am tomorrow.  In case you are wondering, the home and road jerseys are $100. The BP jerseys are $80.

Oh…and some of the old chairs from the VIP suites are available, too:

Rummage Sale 008.JPG
See you tomorrow!

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