It just flat-out wasnt the year I wanted.

That is a quote from this Larry Stone article about Adam Moore (’06)

Since Dan Wilson’s reign as the regular catcher ended in 2004, the M’s have searched far and wide for someone to establish himself at that vital position.
Miguel Olivo, version 1.0, wasn’t the answer after coming to Seattle as the centerpiece of the Freddy Garcia trade near the 2004 deadline. Kenji Johjima, signed out of Japan before the 2006 season, looked like the answer after a rookie season in which he hit .291 with 18 homers and 76 runs batted in — Benchesque numbers compared to Seattle’s more recent output from the position.

Johjima’s Seattle stint lasted through four seasons of ever-diminishing production and playing time before he opted out of his contract after the 2009 season, amid constant talk that M’s pitchers didn’t like throwing to him.

Jeff Clement, the No. 3 overall pick in the talent-laden 2005 draft (taken in lieu of Troy Tulowitzki, their expected choice), flamed out on the way to his expected inheritance of the job. For the past two years, the M’s have employed a hodgepodge of young and old catchers, none seizing the position.

Which brings us to Adam Moore, who succeeded Clement in the “heir apparent” role. But last season, instead of cementing Moore as the regular, turned out to be a year of struggles and frustration that has left his future, like so many of his predecessors, in doubt.

“It just flat-out wasn’t the year I wanted,” said Moore.

And now Moore is at Mariners camp trying to re-establish himself as a catching contender. But the circumstances have changed dramatically, with the Mariners opting in early January to give Olivo a two-year, $7-million contract for a second stint in Seattle. There’s no question that Olivo, currently sidelined with a strained groin, is the team’s No. 1 catcher.

Head over and read it all.

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