Liddi has a couple of good days

Italian-born Alex Liddi launches another salami

Liddi hit a grand slam for the second straight day on Thursday, lifting the Mariners to a 10-5 win over the Angels.

On Wednesday he hit one in a 9-4 win over the Dodgers. He’s hitting .364 in eight at-bats with the two home runs and team-high eight runs batted in.
Thursday’s homer came with two outs in the fifth inning on a 2-1 pitch from Ryan Chaffee of the Angels.

“I heard the fans say, ‘Do it again,’ ” Liddi said. “But I was just trying to do something over second base to get some RBIs for the team. What happened (the home run), I wasn’t trying to do it.”

That he did, however, is sure to blow up his phone even more.

He said he got numerous calls, texts and Facebook messages from friends and family in Italy after his slam against the Dodgers. (He hit another home run against the Dodgers in a B game on Tuesday that doesn’t count in his stats, but means that the has unofficially homered in three straight games.)

Yeah. That’s a couple of good days.

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