And a note on Lawrie

This Richard Griffin mailbag column from March 10 at the Toronto Star included this exchange about former Rattlers second baseman Brett Lawrie.

Do you see the Jays giving Lawrie the third baseman gig? He’s done nothing but impress thus far at camp, and he looks like the hardest working guy on the roster.

Peter, Hamilton

A….As for Lawrie, I have a feeling there is a significant voice in the coaches room and front office that would love to see him in the majors sooner rather than later.

He is a pure athlete and so the transition to third base has seemed effortless. He makes that quick feed to second base as well as anyone I ‘ve seen in a while and has good baseball instincts. He works hard and prepares hard.

So what if one time somebody duct taped huge vats of liquor to his hand. Who hasn’t had that happen? My thinking is that will let him get his feet under him at AAA-Las Vegas and then bring him up and move Jose Bautista back to right.

Checking Lawrie’s stats in spring training this season: 10 games; 10-for-27 (.370); 2 homers, 5 RBI.

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