UPDATE: Field Photo(s): March 16, 2011

A few more patches of green compared to Tuesday. Click for a much larger image and you will be able to see the green in right-center is bigger.  Plus, there are streaks of green in left now, too: Patches of Green 001.JPG
The weather forecast is calling for 55 degrees today. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 60 with rain. We may get the snow off the field in the next few days after all.

I will take another photo around 5pm today to show how much snow a 55 degree day can melt.

UPDATE:  Here is the picture taken around 4:45pm.  Mid-50s temperatures and bright sunshine for about seven hours makes a difference, no?  Left field is now almost completely snow-free.  Center has quite a few more patches of green. Still some work to do in right.

Patches of Green 002.JPG

Let’s see what tomorrow may bring.

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