Thursday Program post (1980)

I just keep learning more and more as I do these posts on old Appleton Foxes Programs.  Here is the 1980 Cover:
1980foxescover.jpgJerry Zapp did many program covers – including the one above – for the Foxes. He also was the designer of the AF logo that the Foxes used.

1980zapp.jpgHere is the thing that I learned. The Goodland Field (and Appleton Baseball) attendance record was not set back in 1964…it was set in 1977 with over 9,000…9,000?…No, almost 10,000! Look at the bottom panel.
champsandattendance.jpgGuess I need to head back to the microfilm again.

The 1980 Foxes Schedule:
1980foxesschedule.jpgFrom the 1980 Appleton Foxes program here is the 1979 Appleton Foxes team photo.  If the Rattlers ever do another throwback jersey, these are the ones that they should do!  Look at how those collars FLARE!  BIG COLLARS! BRING THEM BACK!

In closing, the ‘Homer’ mascot (Front row on the left) may be the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

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