Meet an old…character

Good morning.  I almost wrote “Meet an old friend.” But if there is one character on the old Rattler Radio on blogspot I didn’t want to bring over here it was him.  Today, however, he needs to be here.  Dear readers, Brick, the bad-weather hating Bactrian:

Spring, eh?

Mehring took a couple of pictures this morning.  He managed to hold down the shaking to get those pictures today. He is going to post them in the next, er, ah, post.

I demanded the time today because of how much I hate bad weather.  But, what I really hate is bad weather after a stretch of good weather.  Especially when that good weather has wiped out just about every last piece of evidence that there was bad weather.

I don’t believe in Hope…If I had my way, the phrase would be hope in one hand and…well, you know the rest. So, let me close this by saying I hate this weather. I want it to be warm and I never want to be on this blog again.

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