Wisconsin v. Brevard County Game Log

Monday was a short day on the minor league side of camp.  There was a lot of defensive work and a short 4-1/2 inning game between The Timber Rattlers and Brevard County.  Lots of former and future Rattlers took part in that game.  I compiled a game log to help you follow along with what happened.

Keep in mind, they were pretty loose on the rules.  That is why Rob Wooten faced five batters, recorded four outs, and the inning ended after a Joey Paciorek double.  You will also see the random insertion of a hitter for the Rattlers.

Here are the starting lineups:

John Dishon, rf
Greg Hopkins, 2b
Max Walla, cf
Jason Rogers, 1b
Mike Walker, 3b
Gerald Ogrinc, c
Kenny Allison, lf
Kyle Dhanani, ss
Michael Roberts, dh
Tyler Thornburg, sp

Pete Fatse, 2b
Derrick Shaw, lf
Chris Dennis, 1b
Cameron Garfield, dh
Tony Pechek, c
Jose Garcia, rf
Yadiel Rivera, ss
Franklin Romero, cf
Austin Ross, p

Top 1st: Dishon flies out to right. Hopkins pops out to second.  Walla singles to center.  With Rogers batting, Walla caught stealing (2-4) WI: 0 R, 1H, 0 LOB

Bottom 1st: Fatse strikes out looking.  Shaw singles to center.  With Dennis batting, Shaw caught stealing (2-6).  Dennis walks.  Garfield strikes out looking. BC: 0R, H, 1 LOB

Top 2nd: Rogers reaches on E-6.  Walker reaches on fielder’s choice.  Rogers safe at second and takes third on E6 (missed catch).  Ogrinc grounds out 3-1 (RBI), Rogers scores, Walker takes second.  Allison grounds out 3-1, Walker takes third.  Dhanani lines out to first.  WI: 1 R, 0H, 1 LOB

Bottom 2nd: Pacioreck singles to left. Pechek doubles to left, Paciorek to third.  Garcia strikesout looking.  Rivera out 1-3 on squeeze bunt (RBI), Paciorek scores, Pechek to third.  Romero grounds out 6-3.  BC: 1R, 2H, 1 LOB

Top 3rd: Roberts flies out to right. Dishon strikes out looking.  Hopkins strikes out swinging.  WI: 0 R, 0 H, 0 LOB

Bottom 3rd: Wisconsin pitching change: Rob Wooten replaces Tyler Thornburg.  Fatse out 1-3 on bunt.  Shaw strikes out looking.  Dennis strikes out swinging. Garfield pops out to second.  Paciorek doubles to leftcenter.  BC: 0R, H, 1 LOB

Top 4th: Brevard County Defensive changes: McKelvie replaces Dennis at first base.  Berard replaces Fatse at second base.  Walla reaches on E4 (throw), out 2-6 when attempting to take second on overthrow.  Rogers grounds out 6-3. Walker singles to center. Ogrinc flies out to right. WI: 0R, H, 1 LOB

Bottom 4th: Wisconsin pitching change: Alex Periard replaces Rob Wooten.  Wisconsin defensive change: M. Roberts replaces Ogrinc at catcher.  Pechek walks.  Garcia out 6-3, Pechek advances to second.  With Rivera at bat, Pechek takes third on wild pitch.  With Rivera at bat, Pechek scores on wild pitch.  Rivera strikes out looking.  Romero pops out to short.

Top 5th: Steve Felix doubles to rightcenter.  With Allison at bat, Felix is out 2-5 trying to advance on a ball in the dirt.  Allison flies out to center.  Dhanani singles to center.  Roberts lines out to pitcher.  WI: 0H, 2H, 1 LOB

Final score: Brevard County 2, Wisconsin 1.

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