2011 Player Entrance Music

This the only post of the morning.  The reason: It is the question everyone is going to ask after the game tonight.

Timber Rattlers fans, the entrance music for your 2011 Timber Rattlers (20 of them)*

Cameron Garfield – Aint No Rest For The Wicked, by Cage the Elephant
Tony Pechek – Hillbilly Shoes, by Montgomery Gentry
Mike Walker – Paper Planes, by MIA
Jason Rogers – Forever, by Drake (CENSORED/RADIO EDIT)
Robbie Garvey – Hero, by Skillet
Reggie Keen – Speakers Goin Hammer, by Soulja Boy
TJ Mittlestaedt – California Love, by Dr. Dre
Carlos George – Bulto, by Los Pepe Doble
Eric Marzec – Dragula, by Rob Zombie
Jimmy Nelson – Sound of Madness, by Shinedown
Daniel Britt – Country Boy, by Justin Moore
Matt Miller – Lose Yourself, by Eminem
Charly Bashara – Right Now, by Van Halen
Thomas Keeling – ET, by Katy Perry
Nick Shaw – On To The Next One, by Jay Z
Tyler Thornburg – Electric Ave, by Eddy Grant
Greg Hopkins – Work, by Gangstarr
Greg Holle – New York New York, Frank Sinatra
Stosh Wawrzasek – Crowd Chant, by Joe Satriani
Tyler Cravy – We R Who We R, Ke$ha

This is a serious list.

My only problem is that Thornburg is not scheduled to pitch at home until the next home stand.
I may be ready to pitch when Bashara’s music hits.
When Cravy or Holle come out of the bullpen, I may break out my Jim Ross impression and say…”MY GOD! THAT’S GREG HOLLE’S MUSIC!”  or “WAIT A MINUTE! CRAVY’S COMING OUT TO THE MOUND!  MY GOD! WHAT A NIGHT!!”

Like I said at the Leadoff Experience last night, “It going to be an interesting year.”

*I’ll update this post when the other players get their music.


You don’t happen to have this same list for last year’s team do you?

I still never figured out what song it was that Kentrail Davis and DVontrey Richardson used…

I would have to talk to the production crew. They just left for the night. But, I’ll mention it in the morning.

Just a question: Don’t see Tony Pechek on the roster list any longer. Has he been demoted, cut or is the roster list in error?
Please send response to my e-mail



Tony Pechek is still with Wisconsin right now, but he is not on the roster because the Rattlers had to get down to the 25 man limit. Pechek has been transferred to the Helena roster.

What is Yadiel Rivera’s walk up song?

What was the intro song for Jason Rodgers before his first home run last night (Aug 2nd)? It wasn’t Forever by Drake.

Sorry. He’s changed it since this post went up back in April.

“Simon Says” by Pharoahe Monch

This reminds me, I should do another post on the current intro songs.

Thank you for the comment.

I had a blast at the game on Saturday. My daughter absolutely went crazy when she heard Rafael Neda’s walkup music. Any help on this one?

What was Cameron Garfield’s walkup song in 2012 it goes something like this….. Don’t forget the change the change just Allitle bit

I believe that’s Drake’s “Take Care”

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