I wish this were clearer

Nick Shaw hit his first professional home run in the Rattlers 9-3 win over Kane County to open the 2011 season.

The thing I noticed from the booth was how happy his teammates were for him. Happy. That’s one word for it:

Robbie Garvey greets Nick Shaw at the dugout after Shaw's first pro home run

Again. I wish this were clearer. Maybe the highlights will have a better shot of it.

UPDATE: Well, unfortunately, the highlights from the in stadium cam did not include the homer.  But…HEY! Highlights on YouTube!

By the way, that was a Chili’s ‘Rattlers Win, You Win’ victory tonight. If you were one of the 3,234 fans at Time Warner Cable Field tonight, you should have received a coupon good for free chips & queso at the Appleton Chili’s.

Game story from the Rattlers website is here.

I think this is going to be a fun season!  More in the morning.


Now, let me say that I’d have had a good time and been fired up no matter what…it was Opening Freak’n Night!

(a big Stephen A Smith) HOWEVER, THAT……WAS……AWSOME!

Boy, that hitting coach the last two years must have been horrible (kidding!)… But whatever The Dream has’em doing, I hope it keeps up!

I only known in depth a handful of these Rattlers, but i’m sure looking forward to learning & watching them this season.

One question: was the pitch speed just not working or has that been done away with? I noticed for Spring Training in AZ that the big parks didn’t post the pitch speed either. New thing? Cuz it looked like some of our guys were throwing some serious heat.

One comment: I don’t dance, I can’t dance, I’ll never dance…but speaking as a man completely entrenched in his heterosexuality….what the grounds crew did while dragging the field was pretty fun to watch.

The pitch speed indicator was replaced. The intent was to give it more of a digital display instead of those two light bulbs that were ALWAYS on. The installers were here the other day and thought they had it. Then, they were back again yesterday working on it. There was an attempt being made right up until 6pm, but…Well, if we didn’t have a few kinks to work out, where would the fun be?

Ssssshhh. We want grounds crew thing to be a surprise.

10-4. And mums the word!🙂

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