Three quick thoughts (4/12/11)

Rattlers 8 @ Kernels 5

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  • Well…THAT was fun!
  • The best part of the comeback tonight was Walker, who committed a crucial error in the Cedar Rapids sixth, got the big hit.  Walker had three hits and four RBI and more than made up for the error.  The production crew needs to redo this TV Show open with some Mike Walker highlights.
  • Austin Ross was not sharp tonight.  He missed the zone quite a bit and they were not close misses.  Unofficially, I had him at 84 pitches/51 strikes.  There was a 37 pitch inning in the third inning, too.  But, with all of that…only allowed only three runs on three hits and three walks over five innings.  That is called – I believe – grinding it out.

This story from the Kane County Chronicle is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read…and I read Tom Clancy Novels all the way up to the one where China and Russia go to war.

A sample:

When Oakland and Kansas City essentially traded affiliates, cities and stadiums, the newest Cougars rejoiced.

“Home should be your home. You should enjoy playing at home,” [Gerard] Hall said. “And you had a sense that we didn’t really enjoy playing at home as much because there weren’t that many people in the stands.”

[Keaton] Hayenga recalls looking out among the Community Field faithful and knowing most of the faces. Host families, die-hards, relatives of employees – the people in a town of about 30,000 who loved baseball traditionally showed their support.

With no slight intended to the city the Cougars will play in nine times this season, including six games in June, reliever Matt Mitchell calls Elfstrom “a better environment.”

As a response to the above link, this column by John Bohnenkamp of The Hawkeye in Burlington, Iowa is the most awesome takedown I have ever read…And I read Mark Twain’s The Literary Offenses of Fenimore Cooper.

A sample:

So that’s why the Bees, with Mitchell and Hall and Hayenga, lost almost twice as many games as they won last season. And apparently that explains why Hayenga went 3-12 last season, posting a 6.13 earned run average, and why Mitchell went 1-9 with a 5.60 ERA.

The article in the Chronicle makes sure to inform that there was no disrespect intended in the remarks of the players. Could have fooled me.

The players’ words were subtle shots at a franchise and a fan base that doesn’t deserve that kind of criticism.

Look, the Burlington Bees are who they are – an organization in one of the smallest markets to have professional baseball. It’s a small, but loyal, fan base that embraces the present and the past, enjoying a rich history and tradition that couldn’t have been accomplished without the work of local people dedicated to the game. And no apologies should have to be made for that.

I am just going to add two things to that.  The manager of the Bees last year was Jim Gabella, who lives in Burlington year round.

How did Crash Davis put it in Bull Durham?  “Think classy, you’ll be classy.”

I may have more on those links in the morning. Depending on how much I can get done…And if the results of Top Shot make me angry.

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When did Franklin Romero Jr become just Franklin Romero?

Weather forecast is getting better for this weekend…previous high of 39 is now 43! (sarcasm)

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