Postgame Thoughts (4/14/11)

@Kernels 11, Rattlers 4

Boxscore | Game Story

A frame from the Cedar Rapids Baseball Timeline on the suite level at Perfect Game Field

  • The comeback from 4-0 was nice.   Not that I think this team is going to fall behind a lot this season, but if they do I don’t think that coming back is going to be a problem.
  • Kudos to Charly Bashara to keep the team in the game after the early stumble.  The error to start the bottom of the sixth was tough.
  • Nick Shaw drew five walks tonight.  In five plate appearances.  In the leadoff spot.  I can see why he set a record in college.
  • Defense is going to have to tighten up.  Three errors last night and four* three more tonight.  They all were in crucial spots, too.
  • Greg Hopkins on a 6-game hitting streak.  Three solid hits tonight for him.
  • Jimmy Nelson will not have an outing like that again this season.  I am as positive about that as I am about anything I have ever been
  • Wisconsin relievers inherited eight base runners tonight.  Five of those eight inherited runners scored.
  • The Kernels took the Peoria Chiefs concept of a baseball timeline and turned it up to 11.  If you head down to Cedar Rapids for a game later this season, take the tour or just wander around up there.  That picture above is one of many, many interesting historical facts about baseball in Cedar Rapids since the late 1800’s.
  • Did I mention that I have internet on the bus now?  Oh? I have internet on the bus now.

Rattlers and Chiefs with a three game series that starts on Friday night.  The pitching matchups:

FRI:  Del Howell (0-1, 5.79)  v. Cam Greathouse (0-0, 6.23)
SAT:  Tyler Thornburg (0-0, 3.00) v. Graham Hicks (0-1, 2.25)
SUN:  Austin Ross (1-0, 1.64) v. Hayden Simpson (0-0, 4.15)

See you at the park this weekend.

UPDATE: *There was a scoring change on a play in the bottom of the sixth.  Click here for the play-by-play.

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