Postgame thoughts (4/17/2011)

Mike Walker heads for third after his game-ending home run in game two of Sundays doubleheader


Game One: Peoria 7, Wisconsin 6; Boxscore | Game story
Game Two: Wisconsin 2, Peoria 1; Boxscore | Game story

  • Both teams won a game they should have lost and lost a game they should have won today.
  • In the top of the seventh inning in game one, the first hit off Brian Garman was a slow grounder up the third base line that kept rolling, rolling, rolling. How it stayed fair after it rolled off the grass…I don’t know.  But, it snowballed from there.
  • Not that it was cold enough for a snowball
  • Del Howell’s pitch count ran up there again today (75 in five innings with 50 strikes), but he kept the walks down (2), ramped up the strikeouts (4), and got a better ratio of grounders to flyballs (6:2). That is a Del Howell that is going to be successful.
  • Speaking of grounders…Three more double plays for the Rattlers (all of them in game one).  The Rattlers have turned 15 double plays this season
  • No errors today.  None. For either team.  That is good focus in some challenging weather
  • Great crowd for the doubleheader today:  3,325
  • Helloooooooo, Tyler Thornburg!
  • No, really….Hellooooooooo, Tyler Thornburg!
  • Eight strikeouts, one walk, 78 pitches in 5-2/3 innings.  I am only partly kidding when I said that I should update twitter when he gives up his first hit of the game.  Especially once he is fully stretched out to 100 pitches.
  • Dan Britt with his second win of the season.  Before the game, I was told that Britt would make the start in game three of the series against the Snappers.  So your next three Rattlers starters will be:  Ross on Monday, Miller on Tuesday, and Britt on Wednesday
  • I still can’t quite believe that the game-ending home run by Walker was the first ‘walkoff’ by the Rattlers since Brock Kjeldgaard hit on on June 10, 2009.  I can’t believe it, but I’m glad it happened.
  • Walker: Timber Rattler.
  • Mike Walker didn’t go to the University of Pacific.  The University of Pacific went to Mike Walker.
  • 5-5 after 10 games this season.  4-6 after 10 games last year.
  • 14 errors after 10 games this season.  24 errors after 10 games last year.

The highlights for game one are here

The highlights for game two will be there soon.  Head over to the timberrattlertv youtube channel in a bit.  I’ll link it later.  UPDATE: Here are the game two highlights.

Long day today. Heading home to do a little more work and grab some dinner…and grab the audio of the Greg Hopkins interview…and grab the audio of the bottom of the seventh inning because they highlights at the ballpark messed up and they don’t have it to go along with the video…and to….well, there’s a lot more.

Good night, everyone.  See you at the park this week.


I wish the wife and kid weren’t frozen like popsicles and made me leave after Game 1.
It would have been nice to see that in person.

Still don’t understand why they left Garman in there for over an inning to get completely roughed up. Must have been one of those MiLB times where “learning” out ranks “winning.” Great for Garman if he learned something…crappy for the team & fans. Thus is MiLB.

Was good to see Cody Hawn have a good game. As you noted last week, he’s hitting it hard and that average cannot stay that low forever. And The Cheetah showing some good wheels taking second on that 2 RBI hit!

It was cold…my feet and hands were still cold on the couch Sunday night…but it was worth it being one of the 50 people there to see Walker’s HR.

I wonder if that was the first time Jason Rodgers was asked to sac bunt?

And i’m probably in the minority on this…but I am not a fan of this years Brewers throwbacks….ouch babe. I thought with the new logo and Majestic coming out with new BP jerseys for the MLB teams…instant winner. But what the heck do i know!

I’m just going to get out ahead of the winter storm that’s supposed to be here Tuesday into Wednesday….”IT’S NOT WINTER ANY MORE, ENOUGH ALREADY!”

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