Grounds crew working

I just want to point out that it took four posts to mention snow.

Years from now, when I am asked, “What did you do in the blizzard of April, 2011, you crazy old man?”  I will be able to say, “I goaded the Timber Rattlers grounds crew into throwing snowballs at my radio booth.  Now, get off my lawn, you bothersome rapscallions!”


The Grounds Crew is standing in 7.5" of snow...It's still snowing, too.

There is a reason they are on the grounds crew.

Usually when you pull back things look better. Not in this case.

Oh, and it’s still snowing.

To put a wrap on this for now, here is something I put on twitter last night: Funny thought for the day: We are closer to June than we are to January…Did I say ‘funny’? I meant ANGRY!!!!

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